Drew Morrow (Defect SDK), Companion apps & toys & movie tie-in games

Drew Morrow of Melbourne's Three Phase Interactive joins us this week to talk about his spaceship building game Defect SDK.

December 17, 2015 9:00 AM
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This week we look at companion apps and the rise of toys and addons. Skylanders was one of the first games to hit the scene that used collectible figurines to play the game, but it’s been joined by many others. We also explore whether apps such as Destiny’s Companion app or the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy add more to your second screen experience or does it take away from the main experience.

We spoke to Drew Morrow from Three Phase Interactive all about his game Defect Spaceship Destruction Kit. We spoke all about the early access process, building a game from fan feedback and nurturing a community so they come along for the ride. 

We also explore movie tie-in games. Many games have been made as spin offs from bigger franchises, but few do it quite as well as the Star Wars games or the legendary N64 Goldeneye. We look at what makes a good tie-in game and what causes a tie-in game to flop.

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