Locky Betts & Jeff Hayes (Torque Drift) & in game licencing of real products

Jeff and Locky from Grease Monkey Games take us on a ride with Torque Drift, their mobile competitive drift game.

September 22, 2018 9:00 AM
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Locky Betts and Jeff Hayes of Fitzroy's Grease Monkey Games take us on a journey with their game Torque Drift. It's a competitve drift racing game made by drift enthusiasts. We learn about how they've translated the feeling of weight shifting in a car around a corner into a game you can take with you on your phone, and challenge your friends. For the hoon at heart, Torque Drift will be out in October.

We also learn a little bit about how real products end up in games, and when a brand decides they don't want to play anymore. From car manufacturers to embracing the world of gaming, to them driving off into the sunset, with some input from Locky & Jeff who tell us what it's like to bring real cars into a game you're making.

Pixel Sift is produced by Scott Quigg, Sarah Ireland, Fiona Bartholomaeus & Mitch Loh. Gianni Di Giovanni is our Executive Producer. Thanks to Salty Dog Sounds for some of our promo music this week.

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