Chill video game beats to Melbourne International Games Week to

If you're looking for a bunch of great gaming tunes to put on the background, maybe on the plane to Melbourne, we've got you sorted.

September 20, 2023 6:30 AM
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You know we're big fans of the music that frame the gameplay we enjoy.

We've covered UNPACKING, DOOM ETERNAL, UNTITLED GOOSE GAME and very soon you'll hear more about CULT OF THE LAMB and SUPER MARIO RPG and KINGDOM HEARTS on our Lightmap podcast.

So when Melbourne International Games Week asked us to put together a playlist of our favourite chill gaming tunes, we were ready to go.

We polled the SIFTER Discord server for their favourites with some curation from our very own Adam Christou and we present to you "SIFTER's video game beats to study/weork to"

If you've got a suggestion you'd like to add we'd love to hear it, join us on Discord and let us know your favourites and we'll add them in.

Check out the playlist below, and while you're on Spotify why not give our podcasts a follow too, Lightmap for interviews, Drop Rate for reviews and Walkthrough for news.

No items found.
No items found.

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