Check out the first gameplay reveal from WOOD & WEATHER

Inspired by games like BLACK & WHITE and BANJO-KAZOOIE, Paper House's cute game lets you toy with the effects of climate change.

February 8, 2023 9:00 AM

Here is the very first look at some new gameplay from WOOD & WEATHER an upcoming god game where you unleash atmospheric chaos on a toy city.

Originally revealed as part of Freeplay Parallels last year, lead artist Jack Kirby Crosby says the team wanted it feel real

"We wanted the blocks and shapes that make up the game to feel like they belong to their own toy set, that has been created by real craftspeople and toymakers."

"In order to really achieve this natural feel, we’ve purchased tons and tons of toy block sets to study their colour, texture and gone as far as to commission our own wooden characters based on those in-game."

The city changes and more people are revealed as you play with different weather.

The team at Paper House are working with Dr Ben Abraham to count the exact climate cost of game development, which will be shared once the game is released.

Check out the screenshots below

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Wood & Weather

Paper House
Paper House
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