FIRST PERSON: The video game gifts that changed your life

Big or small, some gifts really make all the difference. We asked you what was your best video game gift ever and share some of our favourites!

December 25, 2018 9:00 AM

I remember the video game that really changed my life.

My uncle, pretty much against my parent's wishes, went out and bought my brothers and I a PlayStation with Final Fantasy VII as a Christmas gift. Three whole discs of video game, it was mind-blowing.

We'd played home consoles before, but this was the first one that was ours.

It’s a real privilege that one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time is the first one you can really sink your teeth into.

Not only did we get so much better at reading, but it was a world that was vast and complex, and it was ours.

I asked the team here at Pixel Sift what their favourite gaming presents were, and for all of them it was receiving that pivotal piece of gaming hardware on a special occasion.

For Scott, his first console was the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992.

“My first ever console (NES) was a Chrissy present. I almost wet myself!”

Fiona’s parents hid her Wii console in a basket like a Rupee ready to be collected.

“The thing I remember the most as when we got our Nintendo Wii(years ago). We had opened all the presents and then a while later my parents asked us to get down a basket from one of our shelves, behind it was the wrapped Wii box, it was great we were all so confused until we opened it!”

Mitch got his very first console, a Playstation 3, from his friends and it was the first he every owned himself.

We asked you what your favourite gaming presents were over on Facebook and Twitter.

Tine over on Facebook said

“The SNES when I was in primary school💕The family still set it up every Christmas Day and spend the whole day playing it.I still can't beat my mum at Dr Mario”

Matt who now works as a musician for games said “Probably getting a PS1 - too many amazing games with stunning soundtracks (FF7/8,Resident Evil 2, Wipeout 2097) that sent me down the road I am on now...”

Kris over on Twitter said “My dad's copy of Final Fantasy 7 when I turned 16. It was his copy that he bought when it came out. It still sits on my shelf to this day :) I secretly tried it when my dad was at work but I didn't play it all the way through until it was mine :) part of the reason why I love it so much.”

Big or small these caring gifts given to us by friends and loved ones have impacted our lives permanently.

From all of us here at Pixel Sift we wish a very happy holidays,and a wonderful new year, and we hope you’ve given or been given some life changing games this year.      

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