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An Aussie streamer has made a playable Waterworld game based on a throwaway Simpsons gag

Please insert forty quarters

October 10, 2022 3:00 PM

There are a lot of silly games featured in The Simpsons and Australian Twitch streamer Macaw45 has taken one of the best jokes and made it even better.

Kevin Costner's Waterworld is a free game that captures the pain of playing an absolutely brutal arcade game that's designed to eat your money.

"The game is a full adventure directly based on how it looked during its brief appearance in The Simpsons (as a short joke), but expanded here to be a real game with fleshed out mechanics, multiple stages, boss fights, and a huge quantity of secrets for extra replayability," said Macaw45 on Twitter

Dodge that arrow and avoid that knife otherwise it's game over and you need to shovel in another forty quarters, though luckily once you've died once you can smash a handful in at a time rather than one by one.

It's really well made so grab yourself a copy before the lawyers spoil all the fun.

If you're looking for more Simpsons games check out Grumpy Functions Simpsons Fan Game Trilogy including another take on the Waterworld game.

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