All you need to do is just fly and chill in Samurai Punk's brand new game Feather

Fly, hang out with your bird-mates, and listen to cool ambient tunes in Samurai Punk's Feather.

April 5, 2019 3:10 PM

Melbourne based developers Samurai Punk have surprise launched their game Feather, a serene flight-based game today after 3 years of development.

Players fly through the world and listen to the soundtrack, and that’s it, they simply enjoy the simple fun of flight and good tunes composed by Mitchell Pasmans.

Originally made as part of an internal game jam and put upon itch.io under the name “Fruits of a Feather” developer Nick McDonnell said the people seemed to like the game as it clocked up downloads.

“That version got so many downloads that I was inclined to think it might be a good game and started working on the newer version.”

Feather struck a chord with streamers online and Nick says that he loved the fact the people could enjoy a relaxing time and spend time just enjoying the world.

“I loved how many would just kick back, relax and chat about the world, their day or just spend time quietly cruising around. I realised so few games offer us the opportunity to enjoy a space without any objectives/goals pushing you forward and since it was small I thought it was worth the risk to push Feather even further in that direction.”

The game also features a multiplayer world where players are unnamed and just fly and tweet around in the same public space.

“The multiplayer was added so the world would feel less lonely and players could just spend time with other people. The server connections are frictionless and usernames are never shown so our goal was to create a non-biased space where people could fly and tweet together.”

Feather is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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