A day on the Esplanade: Meeting the WA Twitch community

Meet some Sandgroper streamers, we went down to WesternAus Community meetup up to say hello.

February 24, 2019 9:00 AM

When I told a friend I would be attending a Western Australian Twitch meetup I received a very sarcastic response of: “Have fun with the five people that are gonna be there Mitch.”

So on the 16th of February, I headed down to the iconic Esplanade on the Fremantle foreshore to meet the WA Twitch community, and lets just say we’d need more than one serve of chips from Ciccerello’s to feed them all.

It was great to meet so many people that come from all sorts of backgrounds with one thing in common; their love of games and their love of streaming (oh and their newfound love of Apex Legends).

I had the privilege of speaking to a few of these streamers to find out what their favourite part of streaming is and what the twitch community means to them.

GameSpryte AKA Gemma Ramage
GameSpryte “I love the idea that every time I stream I can possibly make someone’s day better, which is why I prefer streaming over YouTube videos, you can actually talk to people.”

People go to Twitch for many different reasons. For some,it’s a place where they can relax and belong.

Dawnfire AKA Chloe Bufton
Dawnfire “My stream is for everyone, everyone can come in and just chill because the games I play are for everyone. My favourite part of streaming is the social interactivity engaging with the audience and getting to know people.”

It takes a lot oftime and effort to organize an event like this. Courticus is one of the hardworking WA Twitch staff who helped put the whole event together

Courticus AKA Courtney
Courticus “ My favourite part of streaming is the friendships, being here today I’m sure you can see what it’s like, how friendly everyone is. So many people feel like they’re alone with their love of videogames and being on Twitch, but here we can see such a diverse crowd of people that have found somewhere where they are comfortable and can be themselves”

eSports is a massive part of Twitch culture and this is noexception for the WA community. It was great to see that there are people inthe WA community pushing competitive gaming.

WeaponXVX AKA Daniel Hynes
WeaponXVX  “I am the deputy team leader of the RFLAN stream team. We put on a stream that covers the eSports side of the event, putting a spotlight on the players competing in the event and finding casters to cover those games.”

The WA community through events events like this helpsfoster friendships and a collaborative spirit.

Spacebugger AKA Lachlan Underwood
Spacebugger “The Twitch Perth community is very important to me, they’ve helped me come so far, whether or not it’s advice or hosting each other and networking. My best friend today is from this community. I see a lot of hatred online, I want to steer away from that and show that we can be more compassionate.”

Feel like a slice of nostalgia pie? WA Streamers have you covered there too.

Atsumi_Warrior AKA Connor Griffiths
Atsumi_Warrior “My favourite part about streaming is just talking to people, to be honest. Like when I used to play Halo 2 and 3 back in the day and it was just hanging out with your mates, that’s what I miss, that sense of community.”

The idea that I’m gaming every night anyway, I might as well stream it is something that motivated me to start streaming regularly, and I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Nalopia AKA Amber
Nalopia “I started streaming because I thought it could be fun and I play games every night so I thought, why not? I do it more for the community. We’re quite crude, but I like the openness, the light heartedness and the banter”

Twitch streaming can be a foundation for strong support networks for people who are struggling, or just having a bad day.

ArtisticHicka AKA Ashleigh Eltoft
ArtisticHicka “A lot of people come to our stream when they want someone just to chill and talk with. I can be having the hardest day but I always know that I can connect with the WA streaming community or the stream community we have been building and just relax and feel more comfortable around them.”

So there you have it, just a small handful of WA based streamers for you to watch and follow.

They are a passionate and inclusive group of people, and it was great spending time with them.

If you would like to connect with the Western Australian Streamers they can be found on  Discord.

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