Has this developer nailed the modern 8bit JRPG? 8 BIT ADVENTURES 2, a love letter to classic Final Fantasy games

Joshua Hallaran and the team at Critical Games have worked on this game for more than seven years trying to bottle that feeling of early SNES, PS1 and Gameboy roleplaying games.

January 26, 2023 6:30 AM

Retro inspired videogames are a dime a dozen but what happens if you lean in all the way, play with the nostalgic experiences of those people who grew up with the NES and the Gameboy to make something truly modern.

Joshua Hallaran from Critical Games has been working on 8-BIT ADVENTURES 2 for seven years, studying the classics and creating a true love letter to the pixel graphics and chiptune of the early nineties.

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8-Bit Adventures 2

Critical Games
Critical Games
Release Date:
January 31, 2023

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